Long Term Asbestos Management

Under most provincial and federal regulations asbestos management programs are a requirement for asbestos control.


Asbestos Building Surveys

The control and identification of asbestos in both friable and non friable states, is mandatory under most provincial regulations in the event of renovation, demolition or even maintenance disturbance.


Canadian INvironmental Services provides surveys for compliance with the regulation, preparation for specification or property transfer valuation or long term asbestos management. CIS can provide documentation on hazards that may be present in any building and the client can utilize this information for their building operations. CIS will work with building owners and property managers to accurately assess asbestos that is present within their properties.



Asbestos Management Programs

Under most provincial and federal regulations asbestos management programs are a requirement for asbestos control. Canadian INvironmental Services has prepared numerous management plans for their clients to meet their compliance needs. CIS provides a useful maintenance tool to assist in the control of asbestos for their clients so that regulatory compliance is used as a benefit.


Asbestos Air Sampling and Project Monitoring

On site inspection and air monitoring during asbestos control projects is used to ensure occupant safety and compliance with governing specifications and regulations. Project monitoring activities include inspection of the enclosure, decontamination facility, equipment, negative pressure, dust suppression, worker protection and final cleaning of the work area. This service adds increased quality assurance and safety to work being performed. CIS can also provide clearance sampling once the project is completed to ensure no asbestos fibres are present in the air within the workspace.





Ontario has a new asbestos regulation. This is the Ontario Regulation 278/05, Designated Substance – Asbestos on Construction Projects and in Buildings and Repair Operations. This outlines the concerns and problems posed by the presence of asbestos materials in buildings, marine vessels and machinery.


Friable containing asbestos materials (which can be readily released upon disturbance during renovation, demolition or maintenance) can have a serious impact on a facilities renovation, demolition or maintenance operations. Canadian INvironmental Services can assist in the proper control of this hazardous material. The various services we can provide our clients are outlined below:




Under most provincial and federal regulations asbestos management programs are a requirement for asbestos control.



About 2.1 of every 100,000 Canadians are diagnosed annually with the aggressive disease, according to experts. For context, consider that in 1984, 153 Canadian men were diagnosed with mesothelioma throughout all the country's provinces. By 2003, 344 cases were reported among men, and 78 among women. Deaths from mesothelioma totaled 515 in 2010.


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